3D Cinema


There are multimedia screening halls, large projection screens, and seat mounted surround stereo system. The seats are arranged according to the space with a total capacity of 56 people. It can be used as a report meeting room or a science lectures room.


The movie will be played on time at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00.


Interactive Experience Center


The background wall of this area shows the colorful paintings of dinosaurs. In the front, the digging scene of interactive dinosaur footprints brings visitors a sense of mystery.


DIY Jungle Adventure


Visitors choose the dinosaurs they like and finish their graffiti on paper. After completion, the graffiti will be scanned by the staff, and the dinosaur you've painted will come alive and move freely through the forest.


Rope Net Maze


This maze is made up of rope nets, which allows visitors to play and intelligently make their body move. Taking the theory of multi-element intelligence sports as the scientific basis, it integrates adventure, sports and entertainment, and constructs an interesting space to open up an exciting experience for you!


Kids’ Club


Slide, turntable, swing, crawling net…all kinds of creative and unpowered equipment can provide visitors with colorful entertainment. Regardless of ages, visitors can all be in the greatest delight! This is a free and open environment combined with simple but interesting game play. Large interactive equipment can let children and adults play freely and feel intimate. Diversified fun experience enable the whole family share happy time together! Brand-new forms of entertainment bring new entertainment experiences!


Wall Painting of Dinosaurs


3D painting is a vivid representation of various images of dinosaurs. There are many colorful 3D wall paintings of dinosaurs in the scenic area, as if you were in the Jurassic era.


AR Magic Sand Table


With a gentle wave, the hills would be covered with flowers and trees. With a single finger, small fish would be scared away. Waving on the mountain top can “make the volcano erupt”.


Fossil Excavation


Bone fossils of dinosaurs are buried in mysterious sand, and you can dig through this thin layer of sand to search for the four species of them. When their bones are completed, they are resurrected.

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