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Located on the first floor of the tourist reception center, the products include dinosaur-themed crafts, Qijiang prints and various souvenirs, custom shopping and other tourist products.


Qijiang Prints


Chongqing Qijiang prints originated from the wooden planks of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with lively composition and brilliant colors. They were drawn from the production and living practices of the vast masses of farmers and featured with strong national folk customs and life atmosphere, representing the characteristics of traditional Chinese folk art.


Sichuan Beef Jerky of "Jinjiao" Brand


Produced by Chongqing Jinxing Food Factory, the Sichuan beef jerky of "Jinjiao" brand is featured with unique ingredients, exquisite workmanship, unique flavor, excellent quality and long aftertaste. It is suitable for home tasting, travel, or being gift to others. This beef jerky is high in protein and rich in nutrients; its fine material selection ensures there is no fat in it, and it is made more than ten procedures with a variety of valuable Chinese herbal medicines such as cinnamon, supplemented with spiced raw materials such as white sugar. It can dispel wind-cold, guarantee good appetite, and also has the effects of dehumidification and cold-proof. Long-term consumption will benefit people and prolong life.



Dongxi Fermented Bean Curd


This kind of bean curd is glossy, delicate and slightly sleek on the surface and soft and tender in the taste. Besides, it also has long-lasting smell and refreshing aftertaste. The "Hou’s Society Records" says that its predecessor was the "Renfenghe" sauce garden operated by the Dongxi people in the Qing Dynasty with a history of 151 years.



Ganshui Dried Radish


The Ganshui Dried Radish is marinated with the unique "grass radish" in Ganshui area on Qijiang, Chongqing. The typical grass radish is large, round, thin-peeled and tender-tasted, and is known as the “ginseng for the poor”. The radish is dried by traditional processing techniques, then shredded, naturally dried, mixed with salt, added with spices, and marinated in a jar. It has unique flavor with perfect combination of color, aroma and taste, spicy but not dry, crisp yet delicious.


Toys, fossils, crystal jewelry and other special commodities.




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